Construction & Infrastructure

Practice Areas

Construction & Infrastructure

Highly recommended and ranked in Band 1 by Chambers Asia Pacific for consecutive years

Zhong Lun has a leading construction practice consistently ranked as the best in China by Chambers Asia Pacific, Asian Legal Business and other international authoritative legal service evaluation agencies. We advise on a full range of projects, including residential area, commercial complexes, theme parks, public utilities, industrial plants and infrastructures. Our professional and comprehensive legal service covers contract planning, tendering, contract review and negotiation, contract performance, claims, inspection and final settlement. Together with our large team scale, specialized expertise and substantial experience, Zhong Lun has been featured at the top of the industry, delivering in-depth legal services to many landmarks with national and global influence such as the Olympic venues, China Zun Tower, Beijing Universal Studios, CCTV Headquarters, and National Museum. To assist in the vigorous development of China's overseas investment business, Zhong Lun accompanies Chinese investors and contractors in their business dealings around the world. With our in-depth understanding of the overseas engineering investment environment and legal issues, Zhong Lun has advised Chinese enterprises in energy, mining, industry, infrastructure and civil projects throughout the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Australia, South America, North America and Europe.

Scope of Services

  • Project proposals
  • Bid invitation and bidding
  • Preparation of documents and participation in negotiations
  • Performance and oversight of construction contracts
  • Completion inspection and delivery of construction projects
  • Final accounts for construction projects
  • Quality guarantees and warranties for construction projects
  • Due diligence investigations
  • Design of the overall deal structure of investment projects
  • Procurement by private investors
  • Drafting and revision of and negotiation for project contracts
  • Design of deal structures for financing
  • Drafting and revision of and negotiation for financing contracts
  • Financial investors’ entering into and exiting projects
  • Project guarantees
  • Establishment of project companies
  • Construction of projects
  • Operation and management of projects
  • Project handover
  • Tax planning
  • Insurance planning
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