Practice Areas


Recommended as Recognized Practitioner in Aviation(Finance) (Chambers Asia Pacific, 2017)

China’s aviation/automobile industry is quickly becoming one of the most competitive and active markets in the national economy, and Zhong Lun’s professionals are fully committed to provide top quality legal advice to both Chinese and foreign customers in this industry. Our firm has years of practical experience in providing legal services to heavyweights in these sectors, including large airlines, airport group companies, vehicle manufacturers, auto parts manufacturers, ancillary services providers and operators, dealers, and related financial companies and leasing companies. Such focus on the aviation/automobile industry allows us to keep abreast of the trends of policymaking, business situation, regulatory environment and transaction risks in this sector. We devote plenty of time to conduct in-depth analysis and study on various types of aviation and automobile business as well as related laws, administrative rules and regulations, documentation standards and administrative procedures, and what we have learned from our extensive research has been flexibly used in our practice, gaining deep trust from clients.

Scope of Services

  • Assisting airlines, automobile enterprises, and airport companies in their reorganizations, IPO, restructuring, merger and acquisition, and refinancing
  • Providing aircraft and car manufacturers and dealers with legal services concerning franchise management
  • Advising foreign-invested enterprises and Sino-foreign joint ventures on the establishment, localization of operations and rendering counseling services concerning compliance management
  • Providing full-range legal services for the development, construction, operation, and property management of civil airport projects
  • Assisting in the protection of intellectual property and trade secrets in connection with aviation/automobile projects
  • Advising on the bulk trading of aircraft, automobile and the engines and parts thereof, and the import and export, taxation and customs related to the foregoing
  • Advising on the leasing and financing of large assets such as airplanes and automobiles
  • Advising on antitrust related matters in the aviation/automobile business
  • Providing legal services related to the international air cargo transport and passenger transport
  • Assisting in the dispute resolution in the aviation/automobile sectors
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