Customs & Trade Compliance

Practice Areas

Customs & Trade Compliance

Zhong Lun’s Customs & Trade Compliance Team comprises partners and associates from our offices around the world. A number of key members of the team worked at the legal or customs affairs departments of local customs offices or have extensive experience in international trade practice. They are versed in laws and regulations relating to foreign trade and customs supervision and well acquainted with the customs regulatory mechanism, law enforcement standards and reform orientation. They also have an intimate knowledge of how customs process a case and relevant operation practices. We have developed a good working relationship with the General Administration of Customs of the PRC, its local counterparts, and industry associations, forming a bridge for effective communication between enterprises and the Customs.


Tapping on our extensive knowledge on customs and international trade, laws and regulations as well as experience in practicing law, we have successfully helped our clients both at home and abroad to respond to or deal with a large number of customs cases in China. Our clients come from a wide range of industries, including pharmaceutical, energy, telecommunication, aviation, railway transport, automobile, luxury, daily necessities, industrial manufacturing, shipping, and cross-border e-commerce.

Scope of Services

Daily Compliance-Related Work
  • Advising on customs clearance procedures and guarantee for customs-related matters
  • Helping prepare documents for AEO accreditation
  • Helping with corporate self-review and voluntary disclosure
  • Counseling on formalities for customs inspections and quarantine
  • Comparing and analyzing the pros and cons of the policies applicable to various areas under special customs supervision
Import and Export Taxes
  • Customs confirming duty-paid values
  • Categorizing and pre-categorizing goods
  • Advising on tax reliefs for imported and exported goods
  • Advising on dispose of goods qualified for tax reliefs
Regulation of Processing Trade
  • Setting up processing trade enterprises
  • Advising on making and verification of processing trade handbooks
  • Counseling on regulation and supervision of bonded materials
  • Counseling on customs affairs, ERP, and collaborative warehouse management
Customs Record Filing and Protection of Intellectual Property
  • Advising on record filing of intellectual property with the Customs
  • Applying for customs protection of intellectual property
  • Following up and coordinating with customs officials in regards to specific cases on matters related to customs protection of intellectual property
  • Providing brand-related trainings to the Customs
Customs Cases and Legal Remedies
  • Responding to customs inspections
  • Responding to customs verifications
  • Responding to customs anti-smuggling investigations
  • Responding to customs investigations into intellectual property
  • Representing clients in administrative reconsideration
  • Representing clients in administrative litigation
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